How to install a FIDO token in your Microsoft environment?

In this article we will show you how to set up a FIDO token in the Windows environment.

  1.   Go to and sign in and select Security Info.

  2.   Select Add sign-in method, and then select Security key from the Add a method list.

  3.   Select Add, and then select the type of security key you have, either USB device or NFC device.

  4.   Make sure that you have your security key physically available, and then on the Security key page, select Next.
  5.   In the Setting up your new sign-in method page, select Next, and then insert your security key into the USB port of your device.
  6.   Type your unique security key PIN into the Windows security box, and then select OK. You’ll return to the Setting up your new signin method box.
  7.   Select Next
  8.   Return to the Security info page, type a name you’ll recognize later for your new security key, and then select Next.
  9.   Select Done to close the Security key page. The Security info page is updated with your security key information.