USB token Gemalto SafeNet eToken FIDO

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USB token Gemalto SafeNet eToken FIDO
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The SafeNet eToken FIDO is a USB token, an ideal solution for enterprises looking to deploy passwordless authentication for employees. This authenticator is a compact, tamper-evident USB with presence detection, which creates a third factor of authentication: Something you have (physical token), something you know (PIN), something you do (touching the token).

It is an authenticator for portable identity, where you carry your digital ID in your pocket. This token allows you to log in to any portal, web service that supports FIDO identification. A unique key is created for each portal in the USB token, and all you need to log in is to touch the capacitive sensor on the side of the token.

The price includes SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) in the latest versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

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Product detailed description

Protect SaaS Apps

Since the majority of users re-use their passwords across apps, you can improve security dramatically, and reduce calls to the Helpdesk, by equipping users with FIDO authenticators. Thales FIDO devices are fully compatible with Azure AD and ensure secure access to Azure AD managed applications.

Secure Mobile Access

Thales FIDO devices enable modern authentication on any device by enabling users to authenticate using contactless to just ‘tap and go’ in order to gain secure access to any cloud resource from any mobile device. 


Supported operating systems:
FIDO supported in Windows 10 and other FIDO-compliant operating systems. PKI supported in Windows, macOS X, and Linux not available.
Middleware: SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC)
FIDO 2.0, U2F
Cyber security Certification:
CC EAL6+, Java platform: CC EAL5+/ PP java card certified
Memory size:
400 KB Java Flash, 90 kB free memory available for resident keys, certificates, additional applets & data

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Category: USB tokens
Warranty: 1 year
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Gemalto was an international digital security company providing software applications, secure personal devices such as smart cards and tokens, and managed services. Formed in June 2006 by the merger of two companies, Axalto and Gemplus International. Gemalto was purchased by Thales Group in April 2019 and now operating as Thales DIS (Digital Identity and Security).