Gemalto IDBridge K30 - USB token (SIM) reader

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Gemalto IDBridge K30 - USB token (SIM) reader
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Secure token in portable USB format IDBridge K30 is a compact, USB device that offers multi-application dynamic smart card functionality. It can be used with any USB connection for Identity and Access Management applications such as network authentication, digital signatures and other services based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Ideal use with smart card IDPrime 940B pre-cut. 

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  • Highly secure – advanced protection is enabled by two factor authentication: something users have – the device, and something they know – their PIN. 
  • Universal access – secure logical access control services can be used with any system having a USB connection. Support for major desktop operating systems.
  • Windows, Mac and Linux – standard USB specifications means the device works with virtually any network connection.
  • Easy to use – users simply insert the device into a USB port and enter a PIN to access onboard security applications.
  • Customizable – USB tokens can be customized with a customer’s logo and other branding

Embedded reader

The embedded smart card reader in the IDBridge K30 is especially convenient in situations that require secure authentication when smart card readers are not available. With IDBridge K30, only authorized users can access the network and sensitive information, conduct secure transactions and digitally sign documents.

Two factor authentication

USB IDBridge K30 features strong authentication based on two factors: the token itself and a PIN, providing an extra level of security for the most sensitive applications. The PIN ensures the holder of the device is its legitimate owner. The IDBridge K30 offers all the power of a multi-application smart card in a USB form factor, making it an ideal solution for organizations that require a combination of security, portability, robustness and convenience.


Operating systems supported: Up to Windows 10 (including Windows 7, 8.1), Linux, Mac OS
APIs: Microsoft PC/SC environment with associated drivers
Host interface: Plug and Play , CCID (Chip Card Interface Device), USB 2.0 full speed (12 Mbps)
Human interface: LED one color (Blue), dual state (blinking: waiting card insertion; ON: card reading / writing)
Environmental: CE, FCC part 15 Class B; EN 60950 / UL 950 / CSA 950; Operating: +0°C / +70°C; Storage: -20°C / +85°C; ROHS compliant , WEEE marking
Electrostatic Discharge: +/- 8kV direct air discharge
Data storage in memory: +/- 4kV indirect contact discharge


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Category: USB tokens
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 0.006 kg

Gemalto was an international digital security company providing software applications, secure personal devices such as smart cards and tokens, and managed services. Formed in June 2006 by the merger of two companies, Axalto and Gemplus International. Gemalto was purchased by Thales Group in April 2019 and now operating as Thales DIS (Digital Identity and Security).