SafeNet OTP 110 (One-Time Password Token) - EVENT BASED (6 DIGIT)

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SafeNet OTP 110 (One-Time Password Token)
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The SafeNet OTP 110 (One-Time Password Token), Event Based (6 DIGIT), Third Party Server, PSKC1.0 is a user-friendly, OTP token that offers unconnected operation. Less than 7 cm long, the token is portable, light and small enough to hang from a key ring. Standalone use of this token is not possible as there must be a third party system that can verify that the value generated from the token is valid and allow the user to complete authentication. OTP 110 can be integrated with systems that can process the SEED value (a secret value from which the system calculates the correct OTP values and then compares them with the entered value from the OTP token). TIME BASED OTP 110 tokens are possible to order only on specific inquiry. Among the systems that cooperate with OTP 110, we can name Azure MFA, Okta, Duo and other systems that implement the OATH interface.

For import to third-party authentication servers, the seed file is supplied in XML format.

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Product detailed description

The token is OATH certified and managed by the SafeNet Trusted Access management platform. When an end-user enters an OTP generated by their device, the OTP is sent to the authentication backend server. The server verifies the OTP and when satisfied with its authenticity, grants the necessary access. In addition, i an end-user should lose their token or device, when provided with the right answers to a series of secret questions, the backend server will create a virtual token and generate an OTP that can be used as a one-time access method.

With their flexibility, security, and simplicity, SafeNet Access Management and Authentication platforms are the industry leading solutions for addressing the limitations of static passwords, and offer built-in features to ensure more comprehensive digital security in the future.

TIME BASED OTP 110 tokens can only be ordered individually, and unique passwords will be generated for the customer on the delivered and configured token to ensure proper product functionality. For these reasons, the right of withdrawal under Article VI, paragraph 1 of the Terms and Conditions cannot be exercised when purchasing these goods, as the goods will be customised according to the customer's needs.

Technical Specifications


  • Supported management platform: SafeNet Trusted Access
  • Unconnected key fob token with keychain ring holder
  • Event-based OTP ( OATH H-OTP) - IN STOCK
  • Time-synced OTP (OATH T-OTP) - on demand
  • 6-8 digits OTP length
  • Single button
  • No PIN needed
  • LCD display of up to eight digits
  • High contrast single line display
  • Serial number printed on the back
  • Waterproof IP67

Certifications and Compliancies

  • OATH compliant
  • CEM & Europe security (CE)
  • CEM USA (FCC part 15, UL 1950)
  • ROHS compliant
  • WEEE (environment friendly)

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to carry - can go on a key ring
  • Easy to use - press the button and get your OTP
  • End-user PC independence
  • Innovative robust design
  • Customizable for large orders (case color, logo), min. 1000 pcs
  • Estimated battery lifetime: Five years

Additional parameters

Category: USB tokens
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 0.008 kg

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