Thales Luna PCIe HSM A700

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Thales Luna PCIe Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) can be embedded directly in an appliance or application server for an easy-to-integrate and cost-efficient solution for cryptographic acceleration and security.  The high-security hardware design of Thales Luna PCIe HSM ensures the integrity and protection of encryption keys throughout their life cycle.

All digital signing and verification operations are performed within the HSM to increase performance and maintain security.

Price includes HW HSM, software client, all unlocked algorithms and One year Standard Maintenance from Thales. 

A700 Performance: 1,000 tps RSA-2048, 2,000 tps ECC P256, 2,000 tps AES GCM

The HSM can be used as root of trust in your environment for PKI, to securely store your SSL keys, encryption keys from DB, Storage, App etc. It can be also used as QSCD for qualified Sealing regarding eIDAS.

There are hundreds of scenarios where you can use seamlessly the HSM to secure your sensitive data/records. Let us know, we are always happy to help you.



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