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The high-quality IDPrime MD 840 authentication smart card is a highly secure card that meets the highest security requirements and the requirements of the eIDAS regulation for a qualified electronic signature creation device (QSCD). It is primarily intended for the purposes of PKI (working with certificates) when creating a qualified electronic signature, qualified signing of documents and e-mails according to eIDAS, working with Internet banking, generating and storing keys, passwords and certificates. From a functional point of view, this is an affiliated model to the Gemalto SafeNet eToken 5110 CC token which we also offer. The smart card has a total memory of 80kB and offers support for several encryption algorithms, including ECC, performed directly in the hardware. It includes support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems.

The MD 840 requires SAC (SafeNet Authentication Client) middleware to operate.

Our cards are also available as hybrid cards with contact and contactless part with an exceptionally wide variety of chips. We offer contactless combi chip cards with two chips on one card. Different combinations in low and high frequency are possible.

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Category: eIDAS smart cards
Warranty: 3 years
Supported operating systems:: Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS
Middleware: SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC)
Cyber security Certification: CC EAL 5+
Encryption algorithms: RSA: up to RSA 2048 bits, RSA OAEP & RSA PSS, Elliptic curves: P-256, P-384, P-521 bits, ECDSA, ECDH, generování klíčů v hardware tokenu (RSA & Elliptic) 3DES (ECB, CBC), AES (128, 192, 256 bits),
Hash functions: Hash: SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512
Memory size: 80 kB, up to 15 containers for encryption keys storage (RSA, elliptic curves)
Data storage in memory: 25+ years
Memory overwriting: at least 500 000 cycles
Operating conditions: T=0, T=1, PPS, with baud up to 230 Kbps
Size: standard smart card

Gemalto was an international digital security company providing software applications, secure personal devices such as smart cards and tokens, and managed services. Formed in June 2006 by the merger of two companies, Axalto and Gemplus International. Gemalto was purchased by Thales Group in April 2019 and now operating as Thales DIS (Digital Identity and Security).