Contactless plastic RFID card ISO EM4200 (125 kHz)

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Contactless RFID plastic card ISO Mifare 4K S70
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Contactless plastic RFID card with the most widespread EM4200 chip operating at a frequency of 125 kHz. It is the successor of the EM4102 cards – it has an improved chip and better features. Its use is universal from attendance, access and identification systems to cash register systems, mountain ski passes, loyalty and parking systems, etc. The EM-Marine chip is compatible with the TK4100 chip and works on the basis of the passive RTF method, i.e. Reader-Talk-First. It thus has two main advantages – it can be read very quickly and is indirectly visible to the reading device.

This chip card can be printed in full color without any problems, supplemented with a barcode, text, image, logo, etc. You can learn more about printing options in a separate article. The dimensions are standardized, i.e. CR80, thickness 0.76 mm. The material is PVC, i.e. polyvinyl chloride.

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